Swimz Excel Technical Hand Paddles - Purple / Pink

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The Swimz Excel Technical Hand Paddles are available in a choice of sizes to suit any swimmer.

*Please read the sizing information below to help ensure that you purchase the correct size for your needs*

The Swimz Excel Hand paddles are a ergonomically designed to allow enhanced "feel" of the water, and will encourage the correct hand entry, catch & high elbow pull throughout your stroke. Additionally you will make strength gains with regular use of the Excel Paddles. 

Users can use both the side & centre straps 

Size Guide & information: 

The Excel Technical Hand Paddles are deigned to be worn just slightly bigger than your hand. 

Small - The small size paddles are designed for swimmers setting out on their swim journey & up to the age of approximately 10/11 years. A great introduction to paddle use which will promote technical improvement with little OR no physical stress. Overall paddle size: Length = 16cm - width = 11.5cm

Medium The medium size paddles are suitable for swimmers aged approximately 11 years+, Teens & small adults.  Overall paddle size: Length = 20.5cm - width = 14.5cm

Large - The large size paddles are suited to only strong, adult swimmers who are looking to gain strength at the same time as making improvements to technique. This is a large pair of paddles. Overall size: Length = 24.5cm - width = 20.5cm